Humidification, Snow Melts and Other Services

Dependable Humidification Systems

Stay Healthy With Our Top-Notch Humidification Systems

On the mountains, low humidity can often lead to health issues including breathing problems. Our system helps you regulate the humidity in your rooms to recommended levels. Our systems are energy efficient and will save you money on your utility bills.

Call Heatmeister at 970-513-0697 to use our humidification services.
Radiant heating

Protect Your Elegant Wood Furnishings With Our Services

Wood easily gets affected by rapid fluctuations in humidity and temperature. It expands and contracts as the humidity increases and decreases in your home. Properly controlled humidity levels can only be achieved by taking the outdoor temperature and humidity into account. Heatmeister’s experienced technicians will work with you to design a custom system, utilizing outdoor sensors and based on each individual home’s construction, to protect your expensive wood furnishings

With over 15 years of experience, we understand the needs of the mountainous region we serve better than our competitors and create long-term value for you.
Radiant specialist

Snow Melt Specialist 

Although we do not encourage the use of snow melt systems due to environmental reasons, we do service existing or new installations using high-efficiency equipment.

High-Efficiency Equipment Used for Melting Snow

If it is too cold outside, removing stubborn snow which may have accumulated for days may be a serious challenge. Heatmeister provides smart maintenance solutions for your snowmelt system. Get rid of stubborn snow and make your driveway safer!

Get Your Snowmelt System Serviced 

If you own a snowmelt system, which requires maintenance or servicing, get in touch with our highly trained professionals. 

Even though we don't recommend the use of snowmelt systems for removing snow from your driveways and walkways, we understand that your system needs to be serviced regularly to keep it functional.
We provide a 3-year WARRANTY on workmanship. Call us at 970-513-0697 today. 
We're a licensed and insured company.
Call for an appointment.
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