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We Don't Just Install Heating Systems, We Provide Long-Term Value

Heatmeister is a solar and high-efficiency heating contractor based in Summit County since 2002. Richard Graves, the owner, was formally trained in heating technology at the Georg-Kerschensteiner-Schule in Bad Hamburg, Germany. He continues to travel to Europe to observe the latest state-of-the-art heating products and techniques, which he installs in the central Colorado Rockies. Other heating and solar contractors come to us for advice. 

We build our solar and radiant systems to last for decades not years! We use state-of-the-art solar and heating system analysis tools to ensure your system is running efficiently and reliably. We will be there in the future!

We turn down work that cannot be done; you cannot heat your whole house in the mountains with only two solar collector panels! We encourage our customers to audit other issues like energy escaping from leaking doors, windows, and other structures before investing in solar or high-efficiency boilers.

We provide a comprehensive warranty and stand behind our work. We are licensed and insured and will be there for you long after other heating contractors are gone.
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